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“Poignant, funny, and insightful”

The author — most well known for playing the first Darrin in the 1960s television series Bewitched — muses about his life in this collection of late-night reminiscences, tape-recorded and transcribed. While readers looking for the behind-the-scenes scoop about the stars of this popular series will be disappointed, others will enjoy this poignant, funny, and insightful recounting of the life of this star of radio, Broadway, and television.
    The loosely woven tale, which bounces back and forth among decades and even between reality and fantasy, will be engaging to readers who have never even heard of York as well as to those who faithfully watched Bewitched. York’s love for his wife and family is the overwhelming theme of this narrative. His optimism — despite financial setbacks, mental breakdowns, and physical maladies — is inspirational. . .
    The true gift in this book is the message of loving the people in one’s life. York masterfully reconstructs “some of the best days in my life,” and they focus on family — tender moments with his wife throughout their courtship and marriage, and times with Grandma York as a child growing up in the Depression.
    York died in 1992, but this book will stay with readers and may enhance perceptions of life and relationships — and that’s much more magic than Darrin ever witnessed on Bewitched!

Elizabeth Upham, ForeWord Magazine


 I've read quite a few autobiographies, and this is by far the most creative and at least one of the bravest. I thought it was brilliant, and it's something you can read again and again and still find things you missed. The most disturbing part to me was the period when he left Bewitched. Yet things never get completely grim, and throughout the book there are characters (a critic, an analyst, Dick's mother, a fireplug!) who comment on what's been told (or not told!). And there's a lot of humor — Dick just never lost the ability to laugh at things. If that's not enough, more than anything it's a love story and a great one too. This book will surprise and touch a lot of people.

Scott Dombrowski

“Funny and lyrical”

The Seesaw Girl and Me . . . was transcribed and shaped by Claudia Kuehl from cassette tapes York recorded . . . But it doesn't read like a transcription, and it doesn’t read like the memoir of a man who was in pain more years than he was free from it.
     It reads like a celebration of being alive by someone whose love of life was not conditional upon the ease of his days.
     It is a funny and lyrical book.

Steve Penhollow, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette


Fans know him best as Darrin Stephens, husband of the gifted Samantha on Bewitched. And from 1964 to 1969, York, who died in 1992, was a TV star. But long before he hit Hollywood, he had a career as a child actor in local radio shows in Chicago. . . A back injury endured during the 1959 film They Came to Cordura caused lifetime pain. . . He soldiered on until a seizure on Bewitched sealed his fate. He left, citing health reasons, and life went swiftly downhill. The proud father of five, married to his teen sweetheart Joey, the “seesaw girl,” York traded success for hardship and financial ruin. The bittersweet story of a poor Midwestern kid who makes good will earn readers’ respect and sympathy.

Publishers Weekly


 I received the book two days ago and have finished it this afternoon. I could not put it down, and when I did all I could think about was when I could get back to it.
     I thought the book was incredible. The best word I can think of to describe it is human. It is filled with so many emotions it's hard to take them all in. It's so unconventional, but that's what makes it oddly appealing. I loved the fact that instead of this story that went from point A to point B, it was made up of memories that made who he was and that shaped the way he looked at the world, instead of merely facts. One of my favorite parts was after his father tried to break up the fight between the married couple and he said "my father was grieving for his boots." It was just so honest and touching.
     I'm pretty sure I will need to read it again just to process
everything, but what a pleasure that will be.

Rebecca Martin

"One of the best"

In writing his autobiography, Dick York exhibits both candor and humor. The Seesaw Girl and Me could well be cited as one of the best and most intrinsically interesting celebrity memoirs published to date.

Midwest Book Review


I received my copy of The Seesaw Girl and Me, Dick York's extraordinary autobiography, in the mail early yesterday afternoon. I dropped everything and immediately opened it and couldn't put it down — by early this morning I had finished one of the most unusual and uplifting books it has ever been my pleasure to read.
    If you think this is a standard show business biography, you will be surprised. There are wonderful backstage stories, don't get me wrong. You find out about the personalities of such people as Gary Cooper, Paul Muni (a marvelous story about working with Muni), Elizabeth Montgomery, Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly among others. But you don't get that tedious standard rundown like, "and then in 1955, I did My Sister Eileen. . . " No, no — this book is different because it reflects the creativity, not to mention quirkiness, of its author.
     Love is front and center in this book. Bitterness is not. We do get glimpses of pain and sadness — Dick exposes his soul, but that soul runneth over with love and understanding and compassion.
    I love this book and I will refer to it many times when I need some words of wisdom or my spirit needs a lift.

Charles Tranberg, author of I Love the Illusion: The Life and Career of Agnes Moorehead


The Seesaw Girl and Me is a highly unorthodox autobiography. But I will tell you this — if you are a fan of the work of Dick York, the man and the actor, and you want to meet this very nice man in a way that is the next best thing to knowing him, you should give it a read. You will meet the real York, complete with all the blemishes. . . York's story is unusual and inspiring. He was in the business of entertaining people, and he rarely let go of that, even when he was dictating this book into the tape recorder. York wanted to tell the story of his life, but he wanted to make it fun and challenging at the same time. He certainly accomplished that in The Seesaw Girl and Me.

John Douglas, Grand Rapids Press


It's so exciting that this book is available for everyone to enjoy. As an autobiography by a Bewitched cast member, it is certainly a fantastic addition to any fan's collection. I don't want to ruin the experience of discovering all of the gems hidden within the pages of York's autobiography, but I was crying on the second page of the foreword . . . This book is so touching and heartfelt. It confirms that York was just as much a gentleman in his final days as he was when he was a leading man on a top TV show.

Melanie, webmaster of Harpies Bizarre

“Profoundly wise”

The book speaks to the soul. It is profoundly wise in so many ways. Ultimately, I see it as a book about hope. He doesn't dwell on the negative, doesn't attack anyone, doesn't curse fate. He takes the reader by the hand and walks with them on his journey. I can feel his presence in every word.

Rodney Creager, creator of The Dick York Appreciation Page


This moving book is a continuous stream of thought. Although you need to pay close attention to understand what is going on, it's worth every ounce of energy because Dick's inspiring tale stirs loving emotions in the reader. Throughout reading this book I laughed, cried, and enjoyed every second of it. It is a book I will be re-reading for the rest of my life. This memoir is timeless as shown in that a 16- year-old like myself can full-heartedly enjoy it.

Desire Traverso

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