Dick York, Still Magic

In a critically acclaimed book, Dick York, the original Darrin of Bewitched, reveals intimate details about his hardscrabble childhood, his rise to fame, and his shocking fall from sitcom stardom.

ELIZABETH, NJ, June 2005 -- Bewitched is back — and so is the brilliant, original Darrin.
    The first season of the 60s sitcom is being released on DVD this month, and a Bewitched movie starring Will Ferrell as Darrin is scheduled to open June 24. Meanwhile, the original Darrin, Dick York, who died in 1992, is earning raves for his posthumously published memoir, The Seesaw Girl and Me.
    A little TV history here: In the 1968-69 TV season, York vanished from Bewitched. The next season, without any explanation, a new Darrin was kissing Samantha. The Darrin switch has since become a pop-culture milestone.
     But what happened to York?
     According to his memoir, The Seesaw Girl and Me, he was battling physical collapse and an addiction to prescription pills, spiraling into poverty, gaining and losing 150 pounds, and hanging on to hopes for a showbiz comeback.
     As the book reveals, despite these trials York kept his sense of humor, his idealism and the love of his life, Joan “Joey” York, the seesaw girl of the title.
     "We had many tough times in our life — a lot of ups, a lot of downs," Mrs. York notes in the book's foreword. "But Dick and I managed to be together and smile through all of them."
     The book includes colorful details about York’s hardscrabble childhood in Depression-era Chicago, his rise to radio, Broadway, movie and television fame alongside actors such as Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Gary Cooper and Elizabeth Montgomery, and his post-Bewitched struggles to regain his health and restart his career.
     Stricken with emphysema in 1986, York devoted his final years to a campaign to help the homeless. He died in 1992.
     Written in the late 80s, York's long-awaited book is now available from New Path Press (http://www.newpathpress.com). Reviewers have termed it "funny and lyrical," "uplifting and remarkable," "unusual and inspiring" and "bittersweet."
     "Dick tells his poignant story with candor, passion and optimism," said New Path Press president Claudia Kuehl. "Any reader who has experienced sudden misfortune or disappointment — and who hasn’t? — can tap into his strength and hope."
     Publication of the book coincides with Bewitched’s fortieth anniversary year and the rise of interest in all things Bewitched.
     The 256-page hardcover retails for $25.95 and includes 41 black and white photos. It is available from the online booksellers Amazon.com and Alibris.com and directly from the publisher.
    In honor of York, a portion of any profits will be donated to several charities, Kuehl said.

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