Dick York was one swell guy. Spread the buzz about his equally swell book!

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Dick's book is available in libraries across the continent. The latest:

County of Los Angeles Public Library,

Fans, please ask your local library to adopt Dick's book!

The latest honor:

The Seesaw Girl and Me was a semi-finalist for a 2005 Independent Publisher Book Award. Thanks for the buzz, judges!

The latest press:

Indianapolis Star, IN

The latest blog entry:

Keeper of the Snails



Thanks to all the friendly radio people who've given us a chance to buzz about The Seesaw Girl and Me.


Happy Hec and Mike, WSAR, Somerset, MA
Rob McConnell, TalkStar Radio Network
Doug Stephan, syndicated
Craig Robbins, WREC, Memphis, TN
Trish Frisbie, WTBQ, Florida, NY
Blanquita Cullum, Radio America

Special thanks to Blanquita for urging listeners to head over to Amazon.com

Gary O'Brien, WDWS, Champaign, IL

Special thanks to Gary for a memorable hour celebrating Dick’s book and life.

Chris Smith and Beau Spencer, K100, Macomb, IL
Jason Farr, 820CHAM, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Jim Bresnahan, WREL, Lexington, VA
Charlie and Ernie, WVMT, Burlington, VT
Don Grady, "Louisiana Live"
Steve and Mary, WFON, Fond du Lac, WI
Mike Thomas, KWRE, Warrenton, MO
Rodd William Stowell, KLAV, Las Vegas, NV
Mike Bunge, KXEL, Waterloo, IA
WEOL, Elyria, OH
Bill Wilson, Bill Maine, and Joel Williams, WDVN, Gainesville, GA
Elliott Irving, WFLO, Farmville, VA

Special thanks to Elliott for his insight into Dick’s genius.

Pete Braley, WBSM, Fairhaven, MA
Shelley Irwin, WGVU NPR, Grand Rapids, MI
Ben Williams, WILO, Frankfort, IN
Tom and Judy Byron, WMST, Mount Sterling, KY
Allan Handelman, WZTK, Burlington, NC
Joe Mazza, Genesis Communication Network

Special thanks to Joe for the return invitations.

Donna Seebo, KKNA, Tacoma, WA
Don Grant, KOTA, Rapid City, SD
Alan Diskin, WJNA Fort Lauderdale, FL
Brian Smith, WICC, Bridgeport, CT


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